Do you know Indian festival is a part of environment conservation

Indian festival living personification of environment
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India festival as a part of environment conservation

Festivals of India often are demonstrations of living personification of the environment. Every civilization of world nurture in the lap of nature. Specifically for India at the bank of Indus river Indus Valley civilization was shaped by nature. Every rituals and festival of India shows nature’s importance. Let's see one by one with examples.

Worship of animals

Agriculture was the main economical activity in ancient India. Animals like cows, buffalo, an ox were worshiped in different ways and Indian people maintain that ritual till a date. Hindu mythology mentions about 23 crores of god and with every god one animal as vehicle also described. Indians worshiped those animals with God. Example shivas’ vehicle ox, Gayatri’s vehicle duck, Mother Ambe 's vehicle lion.

Cows are worshiped in' bol choth' vow, Snakes are worshiped in nag Panchami. In North-East state especially in Assam celebrate hornbill festival for hornbill bird. Pongal, Bihu celebrations are mainly for cattle festivals.

Worship of fire

The Discovery of fire changed human activity. ‘Havan’ is a great example of fire worshiping.
Fire is known as the test of purity and belief. Taking an oath on the witness of fire is considered more faithfully.
In Hindu mythology fire seen as the mouth of God. If you want to offer something to God put it in Havana’s fire.

Agro-based seasonal festivals

Many parts of India celebrate festivals during crop is sown season or crop harvesting season. like Naukhai in Odisha, Lohri in Panjab, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Bihu in Assam, Onam in Kerala, Baisakhi in Jammu and Kashmir.

Worship of nature

Pipal tree, Banyan tree, Tulsi, etc. considered a sacred tree. During various vow or puja's those sacred trees worshiped. On the bank of the river, many civilizations were born and the river continuously provides resources for human living. That's why rivers considered as mothers in India. The Narmada, the Ganga is worshiped as a sacred river. Kumbha, Mahasnana like festivals celebrate on that river's bank.

     Living in harmony with nature has been an integral part of India. But sadly, nowadays the celebration of festivals distracts from the original purpose, needs to spread awareness to celebrate the right way of the festival and maintain the value. 

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